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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?
GPAY Greenpaper is the new remittance service in korea to the philippines and thailand. using new technology called bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency
What is Bitcoin (BTC)?
Bitcoin is one of the flatform design by Satoshi nakamoto bitcoin are not printed in papers bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.
How to register?
Sign up, after you sign up you will recieve an email for your email verification after email verification you can proceed to your account for mobile and other verification procedure.
How to send money and receive money?
Sender can put an amount into KRW korean won or into PHP (philippine peso) for Philippines and THB for (Thailand Baht)GPAY Greenpaper convert won into BTC to the partner in the Philippines and in Thailand, partners convert BTC to PHP and THB and send cash-out to the recipient by Banks and Cash pickup for Thailand only bank transaction available.
Is there Any extra charges when the recipient receive money?
No extra charge for recipient when receiving the money they can receive the full amount without any hidden and extra charges.

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  • Email Id
  • Contact 8210-91213462
  • Call hours Mon-Fri 9:am to 6pm / Break 12pm to 1pm (closed on weekend and holiday)

Customer service is provided by email or phone only.